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A simplified explanation on Occupational Therapy on video 🙂

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Tutor System Biofeedback Rehabilitation

Telemedicine is described as the delivery of healthcare services – diagnosis, consultation or treatment, through the use of interactive audio, video or other electronic media. Ready access to telecommunications technology is therefore transforming the delivery of care. This is why the following US states are planning to in introduce legislation that will make tele rehabilitation reimbursed:

The District of Columbia – legislation filed by Council woman Mary Chehwill require private health insurers and Medicaid to cover healthcare services including physical and occupational therepy via telemedicine.
Connecticut, State – Sen. Joseph Crisco Jr. bill will require health insurers to cover services provider through “telecommunications technology.”
Florida – State Rep. Mia Jones bill will require insurers, including Medicaid, to provide coverage for telemedicine and homecare services. The bill will allow the provision of telemedicine to be given by practitioners and professionals in other states.
Mississippi – State Sen. Terry Burton bill will also require insurers to…

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The Anonymous OT


While there are many different listening therapies out there, I’m going to discuss the one that I have had the most experience implementing in a clinical setting, and just happen to be certified in (I know, fancy, huh?). This program is called Therapeutic Listening ®. (TL)

So you are probably wondering what this whole listening therapy business is and exactly how it works. You are not alone. Most parents have only a vague idea of the program or have only heard it amongst the therapy “buzzwords” fluttering about.

TL is a program that uses music as a “tool” to access the nervous system to help make changes. If you are familiar with sensory integration, or “sensory diets”, then you are already familiar with this idea. Just like we use “heavy work” like push-ups as a tool for regulating a child’s arousal level, a listening program uses music.

First and foremost…

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The Anonymous OT

Visual Perceptual Skills

Occupational therapists talk about visual perceptual skills quite a bit. This is due to the fact that these skills impact many areas of development and function, including fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-care skills, etc.

While most people understand the general concept of the term “visual perception”, many parents can become lost in the jargon of therapy when we start to talk about all of the various components of perception.

I have summarized each of these components below in the hopes of making them more relatable to real life function in the realm of OT.

Visual Discrimination

Definition: The ability to determine differences or similarities in objects or forms based on size, color, shape, etc…

Real life application: For the tasks of reading and writing, visual discrimination is critical for seeing letters or words as different. Difficulties in this skill area can make “p” look a lot like “q”…

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Promoting OT!

#Advocate #OT

Little Hands Love Big

Hello! I have to brag a minute. A patient I see was featured in his local newspaper. It was a great article and I wish I could post the whole thing! It really advocated for OT, PT, and treatment in the schools. He described what his OT does with him (that’s me!), and stated his favorite therapy is when he gets to move his hand! He is a great young man and a joy to work with! Great stuff!




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You Might be a Pediatric Therapist if…

Little Hands Love Big

1. You know NDT isn’t a wrestling move
2. You know SI doesn’t mean sports illustrated
3. You ask friends and spouses if they need to go “potty”
4. You get really good at spelling words like ” candy, mom, and playground” so kids don’t hear
5. You’ve found crayons and highlighters in your laundry
6. You save random household products to use for “therapy tools”
7. You shop for toys for yourself
8. You refer to your patients as your “kids”
9. You know Hippotherapy doesnt involve hippos
10. You impact the lives of children and their families to enhance their independence and development in order for them to grow and learn.

Leave me comments with more!!

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Come 2 Your Senses

Occupational Therapy Administration course project. Come 2 Your Senses – Business Pitch Presentation


The OT-SI Project

The OT-SI Project

Multi-Sensory Solutions and Consulting Services

Sensory Guru

Sensory Guru. This is in incredible. Inspired.

MiOTA Fall Conference 2012!

Excited for the MiOTA (Michigan Occupational Therapy Association) Fall Conference.  I have the privilege of serving as a student ambassador and representing Western Michigan University.  We had an orientation meeting tonight. Looking forward to a weekend full of occupational therapy! #advocate #MiOTA Image#OT4Life